The Webinar Gurus (TWGs) provides businesses with a wide range of consulting, content and managed services to drive the highest ROI from your webinar program. Our services include (expand each title for services descriptions):

Webinar Managed Services

Managing webinar programs can be incredibly time consuming especially if your company is running multiple webinars each month. They might include one or two prospect webinars, one for customers only, one with a partner, and one or two sponsored webinars.

For larger companies TWGs can help companies with on going strategy, webinar and promotion process improvement, and provide general support to your teams as needed. For smaller companies, delivering only an average of one to two webinars per month, you may simply want to outsource the majority of the webinar process to TWGs so your marketing team of probably 1 to 3-5 people can focus on other activities.

Following are some of the services TWGs can provide on a monthly/ongoing or short-term basis:

  • Webinar strategy
  • Specific program development
  • Webinar process reviews and improvement recommendations
  • Topic calendar development
  • Speaker identification and recruitment
  • Webinar title and description development
  • Registration page copy and form recommendations
  • Topic/slide review and development
  • Speaker training and rehearsals
  • Email copy development and reviews/revisions of current email programs
  • Development of webinar poll and survey questions
  • Live webinar support and moderation
  • Post-event reporting
Webinar Performance Optimization Reviews and Plans

Webinars are a lot like email marketing – almost anyone can do it, but it take a lot of work and experience to do it well. Webinars are of course not just about the slides and presenters, but dozens of elements must come together to maximize the return on your webinar efforts. This includes everything from the registration process, title and topic, story development, promotion, rehearsal, platform, reporting, follow-up nurtures and more.

TWGs provides clients with webinar performance optimization reviews and plans that can include:

  • Registration pages and forms
  • Webinar archive resource centers
  • Past titles and topic descriptions
  • Duration, format, presentation style, engagement
  • Emails: newsletters, promotional emails, registration confirmation, reminders, thanks/sorry, post-event nurtures
  • Social media promotions
  • Reports and past performance
  • Lead scoring and lead management process
  • Sponsored webinar performance and options
Platform Searches

It seems that new webinar platforms are emerging all the time and navigating which platform is right for your company and budget can be a daunting task. Webinar platforms can range from as little as about $100 per month to $200,000 per year for a global enterprise solution.

TWGs will work with you to identify and secure the right platform through:

  • Jointly developing a list of features that are your “must haves, “nice to haves,” and the “not necessary”
  • Using this prioritization to develop a short list of 3 to 5 vendors
  • Coordinating demos with platform vendors
  • Assisting in the negotiation and contract process
  • Helping you get the platform set up and delivering your first webinar
Sponsored Webinar Plans and Buys

While they can be somewhat costly (typically ranging from about $10,000 to $20,000) per event, sponsored webinars can be a very effective means of building awareness and your database of leads and reaching a very specific target market.

Most webinar sponsorship packages guarantee a specific number of registrations (often 300 or more) enabling you to know in advance if the ROI will meet your needs. And finally, the leads resulting from the webinar registrations can now be added to your lead database and nurtured to attend your own webinars and converted into sales-accepted leads.

TWGs sponsored webinar services include:

  • Researching appropriate sponsorship packages
  • Recommending the best options
  • Coordinating with vendor
  • Advising client on topics, content, speakers and CTA assets to include
  • Coaching speakers on content, slides and presentation style
  • Managing the webinar planning and execution process
  • Providing a report on webinar effectiveness
Promotional Plans

Putting together a successful webinar involves a lot of different people – often from both inside and outside your department and company – and many hours of effort. Planning and executing the right webinar promotional plan can mean the difference between generating, for example, 400 registrations versus less than 100.

TWGs works with clients to create a repeatable webinar promotion approach that helps ensure you reach your desired minimum registration target webinar after webinar. Our services include:

  • Developing an email marketing program (see email marketing services)
  • Social media approaches
  • Internal communications plans for sellers and customer success
  • Website and webinar center structure
Email Marketing/Marketing Automation Optimization

Email marketing is wed at the hip with webinars, much like peanut butter and jelly go together. A well constructed webinar program might have 10 or more emails associated with each webinar. These include webinar email promotions and newsletters, registration confirmation, reminders, post webinar “thanks” and “sorry we missed you” messages, and post webinar nurture emails.

TWGs provides clients with email marketing services to drive higher registraiton, attendance, repeat attendees, and converting leads from webinars into paying customers. Services include:

  • Email audits and reviews
  • Optimization recommendations
  • Copy development
  • Nurture series program design

Loren McDonald has 20 years of experience in email marketing, has won multiple email marketing awards, and was considered one of the leading thought leaders in the industry for nearly 15 years.

Presentation Reviews and Speaker Coaching

At the end of the day, attendees judge the value of the time they spent attending a webinar based on whether it lived up to the promise of the title and description. Did it help them understand emerging trends, new regulations or technologies, learn best practices and tips, see relevant use cases and case studies.

And so webinars are fundamentally about the content, flow, and style and approach of the speakers. For attendees, there is nothing worse than speakers who drone on with a monotone voice, slide and after slide filling with lots of text and bullet points talking about how great their product or service is.

TWGs works with clients and presenters to:

  • Hone their story
  • Improve slide structure and content
  • Present with a more engaging style and approach