Welcome to The Webinar Gurus

It seems that in the spring of 2020 virtually every B2B company on the planet suddenly found themselves thrust into pivoting to an all online events strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic closed down all conferences and events that many companies counted on as a key part of their marketing and lead generation programs.

And whether you already had a well-run webinar program in place or not, literally overnight webinars and virtual events suddenly skyrocketed in importance. But were you ready? Do you have a team in place to support this shift to more online events and to actually maximize leads, awareness, customer retention, and ROI?

And if you are a small company, perhaps with only 1 to 5 members of your marketing team, you might lack webinar expertise among team members, or they simply don’t have the bandwidth to take on a some combination of prospect, customer and sponsored webinars each month.

We launched The Webinar Gurus to help companies manage their on-going webinar programs, but more importantly to help design and execute these programs to meet and exceed business goals. You can learn more about our service offerings or reach out to us via email.

Check back to the site often as we will be adding lots of great blog posts and other content and resources.